T-Provenance Pty Ltd (Trust Provenance) is building a new level of trust and quality management into agricultural supply chains, by bringing farmers, logistics companies and distributors together on a blockchain platform driven by autonomous IoT measurements.

By identifying, measuring and analysing supply chain blind spots, T-Provenance enables new levels of quality assurance, waste reduction and supply chain efficiency gains.

Blockchain Platform

The Trust Provenance blockchain platform (agnostic for produce type ie fruit, vege, meat, wine, seafood etc) creates the trust environment for data integration and information exchange, allowing each participant in the supply chain to prove their role in the handling of the food product. 

Collaboration on quality assurance practices is automated and verified on-chain, to guarantee quality, reduce wastage, and streamline exception reconciliation between stakeholders. We replace the proof and recourse cycle with trust.

On-chain commercial agreements (“smart-contracts”) bring transparency and expose supply chain contracts to market dynamics, to negotiate and more accurately price:

  • Purchase orders
  • Processing agreements, and
  • Delivery contracts.

T-Provenance has the potential to revolutionise the mango supply chain and deliver benefits for growers. By using the blockchain to provide transparency from the farmer to the consumer, we can truly keep Australia at the cutting edge of agricultural technology. We are excited to be involved in pioneering this unique approach.
— Marie Picone, CEO of Manbulloo Ltd

In a growing global food market, Australian producers need to compete on quality, which means that the value chain must reward respectively with objective transparency. Future-proof provenance practices will be required to meet the demands of ever-more discerning consumers,  and create sustainable growth for food service and produce businesses.

End-to-end visibility of supply chain information that can be trusted creates a unique data input for T-Provenance AI insights. An AI model will be used to flag irregularities in real-time to create immediate value out of data collection, and help optimise supply chain practices over time.

Partnership Opportunities

Trust Provenance is seeking like minded partners, such as freight and logistics companies, supply chain management software companies, fresh produce producers and leading retailers who are all seeking profit increases by uncovering blind-spots and optimising quality assurance and best practice to their business and industry.

Pilot Overview

T-Provenance is engaging in a pilot project with one of Australia's leading mango producers. The pilot will track batches of mangoes on their journey across Australia and internationally, giving both Manbulloo and the retailer certainty of the mangos treatment every step of the way. By helping producers integrate this cutting edge technology into their business we aim to grow the industry and support them delivering safety, quality, traceability, and authenticity; all which leads to greater end product quality, to greater demand, to more sales.