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Harvest Work


We collaborate with industry leaders to offer secure traceability solutions for the agriculture and food industry, consolidating diverse data feeds onto a single platform to enhance brand integrity and ensure real-time access.


We have been building software solutions for 20 years in the financial industry (tracking people’s money), the health industry (tracking people’s health), the security industry (tracking people’s movements) and now the food industry (tracking people’s food).

Our focus is on the trust, security and integrity of information, and providing convenient, real-time access to information on the one platform.

Our co-development partners want to build on the existing relationships they have with their customers and supply chain partners, and they want all data points of their products’ journey to be secured in real-time, and available in real-time, in order to streamline processes and bring a new level of information integrity, quality management, biosecurity management and brand value. This is our goal.

What we bring to the food traceability industry are fresh eyes and a proven approach to building software.


andrew grant, ceo of trust provenance

Andrew Grant

Co-founder & CEO

paul nguyen, software engineer

Paul Nguyen

Software Engineer

angelica figuerres, community manager at trust provenance

Angelica Figuerres

Community Manager

harley thomas, cto of trust provenance

Harley Thomas


pawan kumar, software engineer

Pawan Kumar

Software Engineer


Experience the future of traceability. Experience Trust Provenance.

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